Marco Simoncelli Kit pacifier

Set of two Marco Simoncelli pacifiers made of food-safe silicone, featuring the Marco Simoncelli colours and logos. Each pacifier is available with different graphics, the Sic race number 58 and the other. The pacifiers conform to European EN - 1400 standards. The pacifier is produced with food grade silicone and environmental polypropylene (PP)material. It is safe, non-toxic and without Bisphenol-A (BPA). It can be disinfected in boilingwater without deformation.The pacifier complies to the European standard EN- 1400Before using the pacifier for the first time it should be cleaned and disinfected in boilingwater for at least 3 minutes.Frequently check the pacifier and replace it once you discover any form of damage,deformation or ageing.Packaging materials are not toys. Please remove all packaging before giving to your child.Storage: Place pacifier in a ventilated and dry place, keep it away from fire.
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